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Spring Seasonal Color Maintenance Program 2013

Upon installing the flowers, our job does not stop there. Our goal is to keep your flowers looking brilliant though on going maintenance and fertilization of the beds.

Prepping the beds correctly with the proper bed amendments including fertilizer, insecticide, Herbicide and Fungicide is the first step in creating the beautiful spring all color beds.

Once the flowers are installed our seasonal color team will be performing a liquid drench that consists of micronutrients, growth and root stimulant. This will get the flowers “kick started “and give them the best opportunity to thrive!

6-8 weeks later we will be performing the 2nd drench. At this point the flowers should be established. This drench will consist of insecticide, fungicide, growth and root stimulant as well as liquid fertilizer.

The final drench will occur 6-8 weeks later. This contains the same products as drench 2.

The crews will be weeding the beds and touching up mini nuggets to keep a clean and weed free flower bed.