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Design, Installation, Maintenance

Water Features

Any homeowner in Georgia would surely want to have a place to relax and cool down during the typical humid subtropical climate in this state. One great way to achieve this is to add water features to your landscape. If you want one built or installed on your property, do not just go and hire the first contractor you meet. Excellent results start with a well-chosen landscape company with a great track record.

We at Miller Landscape are proud to say that we are the leading name in designing and building various water features for landscapes. Our main goal is to put a smile on your face with our premium services.

Reasons to Say "Yes" to Water Features

Water features may seem like an unnecessary addition to a landscape, but they would actually be very beneficial for you and your home. Water has a healing effect, which is why it is almost always a part of any natural treatments for various medical conditions. The mere sight of flowing or falling water calms the mind and soothes the soul. The variety of sounds produced by a water feature can also help drain out any unpleasant noise from your surroundings. Water also helps reduce the impact of air pollution.

With regard to their aesthetic properties, water features enhance the beauty of your landscape, making the landscape a lot more valuable than it already is. These features also invite wonderful bird species in your area.

Water Features Best for Georgia Landscapes

As soon as you hire us, we immediately proceed with planning your water feature based on our suggestions and your personal needs and preferences. To help you decide which type would work best for you and your landscape, here is a list of the various types of water features we can build for you:

  • Fountains - These features are some of the most common choices of Georgia homeowners. They can be built with a variety of designs, from the traditional to the more modern structures and materials.

  • Ponds - If you want something closer to nature, ponds are great options. You can add fish or amphibians and bog plants to make them a lot more interesting.

  • Waterfalls - From wall-mounted types to elaborate rock falls, these are stunning additions to any garden or landscape.

  • Streams - These artificial streams are a great cover-up for a ditch on your property, using naturally flowing water or modern technology, which recycles water to flow continuously.

  • Pools - Aside from providing visual appeal and all the other benefits of water features, pools are great for family and friends to hang out and relax.

Unmatched Service, Excellent Results

Miller Landscape designs every water feature with great consideration for the existing landscape that you have. Each material is chosen with quality and durability in mind. We want to make sure that every single detail is in harmony with all other elements in your landscape. So whether you are living in Atlanta, or perhaps in Roswell, Milton, or Marietta, we would love to create and build you stunning water features. Just call or visit us at our office in Woodstock.