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Care Suggestions

Watering New Sod

It is very important to keep new sod moist. The sod will be under stress from being harvested from the farm and having its root system disturbed. Water stimulates new roots to grow and helps the sod become established in its new location. The first 7 days after installation, the new sod should be watered 2-3 times per day. For the following month, 1-2 times per day will be sufficient, and must be determined by the dryness of the soil and climate. After 1 month, you may only water every other day in most circumstances. However, we highly recommend that clients observe the sod and soil closely, and be sure that it is neither soggy or dry.


Different irrigation systems put out different amounts of water in different amounts of time. Small pop up heads generally need to run 10-20 minutes per zone and rotor heads need 20-40 minutes per zone. The system should periodically be checked for clogs and coverage. Miller Landscape provides an irrigation audit service, that can be done annually to be sure your system is running correctly.

Mowing New Sod

The new sod can be mowed approximately 2 weeks after installation. It is much more important to initially be concerned with the root system becoming established than the growth on top. Turn off the irrigation 1 day before you plan to first mow to let the soil dry out and prevent ruts. Water the sod immediately after mowing and return to the normal schedule.

Turf Fertilization, Tree/Shrub Fertilization, and Weed Control

Miller Landscape offers several fertilization and weed control programs. However, if clients do wish to do the fertilization themselves, the fertilizers can be purchased from a local garden care center or nursery. Weeds can be treated with a broadleaf weed control formula, and be sure to follow the directions on the label carefully. Never use round up in a lawn area, because it will kill everything it touches. It can especially be transferred to unintended areas by mowers or shoes if not washed thoroughly.


Aeration is done to alleviate compaction in the soil. Aeration creates holes in the ground to allow the water to reach the roots more easily. A lawn does not have to be in poor condition for aeration to be beneficial, and instead should be done routinely to promote and maintain a healthy lawn. Miller Landscape offers aeration and seeding services throughout the year, but suggests doing the service during the spring or fall for optimal results.