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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens, Woodstock, GA Modern families spend a substantial amount of time relaxing and entertaining in the backyard – grilling their favorite meals, hosting get-togethers, and keeping watch over playing kids. An outdoor kitchen and dining space empowers the ability to embrace al fresco living fully. A Beautifully designed and expertly built outdoor cooking space extends interior home function while opening a portal to embrace nature and seasonal change.

Yet only some companies possess the creative vision and technical prowess needed to construct the ultimate backyard kitchen sanctuary tailored expressly for you. This is where Miller Landscape stands apart. For many years, we have designed and installed luxury outdoor kitchens, helping Woodstock, GA, homeowners live their best outdoor lives.

Elements of a Stunning Miller Outdoor Kitchen

Every element within the outdoor kitchen we design focuses on beauty, performance, and longevity through elegant simplicity. Our design process carefully considers lifestyle needs before specifying:
  • Food prep counters and islands provide durable, easy-to-clean stone or stainless-steel food surfaces at proper heights for chopping, mixing, and plating while incorporating electrics and closed storage.
  • Top-quality propane or natural gas grills become built-in staples for effortless cooking with ample power, plus side burners and prep space.
  • Eye-catching outdoor fireplaces or firepits extend evenings while adding warmth and visual allure. Stacked stone, cultured rock, brick, and smooth stucco finishes contrast beautifully against greenery.
  • Built-in weatherproof cabinetry organizes cooking gear, dishes, linens, and pantry staples away from the elements when not in use for smooth entertaining.
  • Subtler yet vital components like lighting, electrical outlets, heating, plumbing, and gas lines enable complete off-grid functionality.

Customized Outdoor Kitchen Solutions

The backyard has become a living space just as customized as the interior. This is especially true with outdoor kitchens, as they showcase what you crave for alfresco dining. We excel at translating dreams into reality. You can provide us with inspirational photos of layouts, finishes, and features you love, and we seamlessly incorporate these into personalized designs.

We customize design details, material choices, appliance packages, and additional amenities to create a genuinely unique cooking sanctuary aligned with each client's property surroundings and epicurean flair, whether simple weeknight dinners or special event catering requiring restaurant-grade equipment

Outdoor Kitchen Upgrades

If you already have an outdoor cooking space but find it lacking – too small, poor lighting, missing essential appliances we can help. As leading builders of luxury outdoor environments, we specialize in kitchen upgrades and additions. We open up gathering areas with kitchen island extensions, boost storage with weatherproof cabinetry, upgrade appliance packages, improve lighting ambiance, add heating, and more.

Our makeovers seamlessly merged with existing footprints, enhancing functionality, comfort, and curb appeal. Our experts can help maximize your outdoor kitchen's potential and elevate your entertainment.

Connect With the Outdoor Living Specialists

No matter your menu or entertaining style, we can plan a kitchen extension to complement your outdoors the way it should - efficiently organized, eye-pleasing, and built to last. Our attentive design team listens to your space needs, cooking preferences, and style goals and incorporates these into a stunning and personalized outdoor kitchen.

You can call 770-591-5234 or submit an online request to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, please email us through this Contact Us form to discuss your requirements and start realizing your alfresco kitchen dream. With Miller Landscape, a luxurious outdoor cooking paradise is now within reach.