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Design, Installation, Maintenance

Landscape and Hardscape Services

Landscape Services Woodstock, GA

Miller Landscape has been offering residential and commercial clients in Georgia top-notch landscape services at client-friendly rates. We can handle all your landscaping concerns - from landscape design and installation to maintenance of various landscape features and amenities. As experts in this field, we guarantee the fast completion of your project and provide you with outstanding results regardless of the scope or complexity of the job. Please call us at (770) 591-5234 so we can start discussing the details of your project.


Our aeration services reflect our unwavering commitment to your lawn's well-being. Through our meticulous process, we target and alleviate soil compaction while addressing the challenges of thatch accumulation. This approach creates a favorable environment for optimum air circulation, water absorption, and nutrient distribution at the root level. Our seasoned team begins with a comprehensive soil assessment, allowing us to craft a customized aeration plan that caters to the unique needs of your lawn. We execute the aeration process precisely, creating evenly spaced perforations across your lawn, fostering an environment for lush growth. In cases where necessary, we offer overseeding to enhance grass density and targeted fertilization to provide your lawn with essential nutrients. Our expertise and experience ensure your lawn's vitality and resilience, making it the cornerstone of our commitment to your lawn's health and beauty. We offer these services to residential and commercial clients and handle projects of all shapes and sizes. Read More About Aeration >>

Landscape Design

Creating exquisitely designed landscapes is our expertise here at Miller Landscape. Whether you have a small backyard or an expansive outdoor space, we can transform it into your dream landscape setup. We have a well-experienced creative team that can help you choose the specific landscape elements that will perfectly suit the architecture of your home or property. Don't worry about the cost of our design service since you can choose the different design options that we offer. You can go for our basic design service if you have a limited budget or opt for our 3D design for a more realistic rendering of your dream landscape. Read More About Landscape Design >>

Landscape Installation

For years, we have been installing residential and commercial landscapes in Woodstock and other key cities in Georgia. Majority of property owners in the state trust us because of our extensive experience in the landscaping industry, complete resources, and highly skilled crews. Every landscape that we build is guaranteed attractive, functional, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly. Our landscape the installation service usually includes installation of various softscape elements, such as turf, annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and groundcovers. We can also work on your hardscapes, water features, irrigation and drainage, and other vital installations in your landscape. Read More About Landscape Installation >>

Landscape Maintenance

If you are looking for a Georgia company that can provide a comprehensive landscape maintenance service, call us. Our customized packages will address all the maintenance needs of your lawn or landscape. You can also take advantage of our flexible maintenance schedules. You can hire us to perform mowing, pruning, edging, and bed monitoring on a weekly basis or opt for our yearly maintenance program to achieve lush and healthy landscaping all year round. We will take good care of your turf and plantings by performing various lawn care tasks and other advanced maintenance procedures such as customized fertilization plans and tree and shrub treatment programs. Other tasks that we can perform for you include aeration and over-seeding, mulching, clean-ups, and seasonal planting. Read More About Landscape Maintenance >>


You need professionally designed hardscapes to achieve an attractive and functional landscape setup. These permanent features will not only enhance the beauty of your outdoors but also improve your backyard's safety, function, and value. The hardscape features that we highly recommend for residential and commercial landscapes are garden steps, walkways, retaining and sitting walls, pathways, columns, and other custom masonry features. You are assured of long-lasting structures since we use only top-quality materials from leading brands. Read More About Hardscapes >>


Do you like to have an elegant paver patio or a sturdy paver driveway? If yes, we can design and build these amenities using premium pavers from our trusted partner suppliers. The pavers we use are available in a wide range of designs, so it is easy for us to come up with unique but appealing designs for your outdoor features. We can go for an Old World theme or opt for a contemporary or modern style. Meanwhile, our paver installation team is composed of certified and well-experienced paver installers. They have already completed countless paving projects in the state and we are glad that you will also consider us for your next paving project. You don't have to worry about the total installation cost since we offer our services at reasonable rates. Read More About Pavers >>

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are primarily built to improve safety in the outdoor area. They can effectively prevent soil erosion by holding large amounts of soil in slope areas. But these walls can also be used for decorative purposes, particularly in garden areas. We can also create new living spaces by installing retaining walls in hilly areas on your property. Just call us if you want these built in your property. We use top-quality segmental retaining wall blocks to ensure the durability and structural integrity of these structures. Read More About Retaining Walls >>

Firemagic Grills

Weekend BBQs with your loved ones and friends will be more exciting and fun if you have a fully furnished outdoor kitchen and BBQs. At Miller Landscape, we highly prefer the Firemagic grills for their durability and stylish designs. This company has a wide range of kitchen and BBQ designs that can serve the needs and style preferences of our clients. Whether you have a small lawn or a large landscaping, you will surely enjoy the products of Firemagic grills. We can install built-ins, standalone, electric, and other accessories for your grills. The kitchens and BBQs that we use are proven tough and built for outdoor settings. Read More About Firemagic Grills >>

Water Features

Water features are not only used for decorative purposes but also for creating therapeutic and relaxing outdoor ambiance. You can also have this outdoor setting by hiring Miller Landscape today. We can design and build beautiful ponds, waterfalls, fountains, bird baths, and other types of water elements in strategic areas in your backyard. We can also combine some of these features to achieve a more natural outdoor environment. If safety is one of your primary concerns, we will recommend safer options like installing pondless waterfalls or bubbling pots. Read More About Water Features >>

Pools & Spas

Pools and spas are still the best additions to your backyard. These amenities provide the perfect spots for rest, relaxation, family bonding, and weekend gatherings. When designed and installed by professionals like us, you can even use them for therapy sessions. Contact us today and we'll show you how we build awesome pools and spas for our clients. We also have partner suppliers who can provide us with the right materials and products. We can install fiberglass, gunite, and other types of pools. We also have partnerships with other spa manufacturers in the country, so you are assured that the units that we will recommend are all top-notch and packed with innovative features. Read More About Pools & Spas >>

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is a popular trend among homeowners in the state. If you don't have any outdoor living features on your property, let us build one for you. The best feature that we can recommend is the patio. It is a low-cost project but can provide you with the perfect spot for rest and relaxation. You can also use the patio for entertaining guests, gatherings, and family bonding. Another great addition to your outdoor is an outdoor kitchen. With this feature, you can cook your favorite dishes in the cool ambiance of the landscape and have al fresco dining with your family and friends. You may also like a gazebo, pool deck, and pergola. Read More About Outdoor Living >>

Night Lighting

The aesthetics of your landscape usually disappear when nighttime comes. Do not fret if this is your case. Instead, look for an experienced landscaping firm that offers night lighting installation service. Here at Miller Landscape, we can illuminate your landscape or entire property by installing premium lighting products in strategic areas. We also recommend energy-efficient lighting such as LED lights to reduce your utility bills. To create drama in your landscape, we will use different lighting methods and techniques. Please call us if you want to install an automated night lighting setup. Read More About Night Lighting >>