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Explore our Exhibits page to discover a captivating collection of photos from prestigious flower shows and exhibitions where Miller Landscape has showcased its expertise in landscaping and floral design. From elaborate garden displays to intricate floral arrangements, these exhibits exemplify our commitment to excellence and creativity. Each photo reflects the meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach that define our work, offering a glimpse into the beauty and inspiration we bring to every project. Whether you're seeking ideas for your own garden or simply appreciate the artistry of landscaping, our Exhibits page invites you to explore the vibrant world of floral exhibitions and experience the limitless possibilities of outdoor design.

Southeastern Flower Shows

The theme of the Southeastern Flower Shows was "Passion" and all of the exhibits were asked to create a name for their booth that tied in with the Passion theme. Miller Landscape chose the name "Home is Where the Heart Is".

"Home is Where the Heart Is" was designed to emphasize that the moments spent enjoying friends and family are the ones that make life fulfilling and worthwhile. It was created as a gathering place for people who share a passion for spending time with loved ones, making memories, and entertaining.

The garden is made up of several intimate -nooks- that are unique, yet are functional and realistic for everyday use. These areas are enhanced by handcrafted arbors, textured stone benches, and mortared stone paths that invite people to linger a little longer... and nestle close to the fire, listen to the waterfall, embrace deeply the color of flowers, or savor food and drinks from the kitchen and bar. The garden has been customized to ultimately enhance the outdoor "home" experience.

Large evergreens provide privacy, creating a homey -nest-. The evergreens also add texture to the area, serving as a backdrop for the stone and wood features of the garden. Flowering trees, shrubs and bulbs add an element of beauty and the promise of spring. All of the plants in our garden are typically found in early spring in zone 7B.

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Southeastern Flower Show 2010

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Southeastern Flower Show 2009

Our exhibit this year included the "Rolex of Kitchens", featuring top of the line Lynx Grill Items.
The firepit, more specifically called "Crystal Fire", is composed of tempered glass and natural gas. The perfect way to warm up or roast marshmallows on a cool fall night.
The patio and fireplace area was in high demand this year at the show. The weatherproof TV and furniture make this "outdoor living room" convenient and functional.
The swing for the show was carefully hand crafted by our in-house wood architect. Many people inquired about the paint color on the arbor, which is: Ralph Lauren, Naturals, Cottage Hill, NA72.
The simple water feature added just enough sound and ambience to create a very tranquil atmosphere in our garden.

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