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Benefits & Team Building

At Miller Landscape, we prioritize the well-being and professional development of our employees, recognizing that a strong team is the foundation of our success. We offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to support our team members in both their personal and professional lives. From competitive compensation packages to opportunities for growth and advancement, we are committed to fostering a positive and supportive work environment where every employee feels valued and empowered.

Additionally, we believe in the importance of team building activities and initiatives to strengthen bonds, enhance communication, and promote collaboration among our staff. Through various team building events, workshops, and outings, we create opportunities for our employees to connect outside of the workplace, fostering a sense of camaraderie and solidarity. These activities not only strengthen relationships within the team but also contribute to a more cohesive and productive work environment.


  • Paid Time Off
  • Health Insurance (partially covered)
  • Dental + Vision Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability (fully covered)
  • Long-Term Disability (fully covered)
  • Basic Life Insurance (fully covered)
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program (fully covered)
  • 401(k) Matching
  • Continuing Educational Training
  • Health + Wellness Program

Check the benefits and photos from team buildings below to learn more about the perks of being part of the Miller Landscape team and the exciting team-building experiences we offer. Join us and become part of a team that values your contributions, invests in your growth, and celebrates your success.