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Design, Installation, Maintenance

Walkways and Driveways

Enjoy an elegant welcome area in your property with creatively designed driveway. Don’t settle for a slab of grey concrete because it will reflect your sense of style and personality. Make a lasting impression by changing your old, boring driveway into a sophisticated and artistic driving surface.

Durable Walkways

Who says walkways should be bland and boring? Not with Miller Landscape!

Being consummate craftsmen, we always make it a point to exhaust every possible effort to make every walkway stand out. With our teams of certified landscapers and designers, we guarantee great designs and professional design and install services for the walkway projects that we handle.

When you hire us, we can guarantee that your walkway won’t look boring but highly appealing with the curves and styling techniques that we will employ. Like in our patio projects, we can also include certain amenities or features to make your walkways more interesting to walk on.

For one, we can include koi ponds, sitting walls, a mini Zen garden, or just about any feature that would make you want to spend time treading your walkways over and over. The good thing about these amenities is that we will create them using premium grade materials like pavers. Our pavers come from trusted materials suppliers known for their durable paving products.

They are built by skilled masons and craftsmen using top notch materials so they are guaranteed to last for years. And even if they ever need replacement, we will be just a phone call away.

Designs and Patterns

We highly recommend pavers for driveways. Unlike other materials, these blocks of precast units are much more durable, flexible, and easy to install. They also offer limitless design possibilities. Here are just some of the common driveway designs and patterns that we can provide our clients:

  • Running Bond. This is the simplest pattern and, unsurprisingly, the most common in driveways. The pavers are easy to install, creating an illusion of a wider or longer surface, depending on how the pieces are laid. With this pattern, cutting of pavers is very minimal.

  • European Fan. As the name suggests, this pattern is famous in Europe. It is challenging to achieve its circular shape, but rest assured that the finished job is worth it. Paver manufacturers, like Belgard, offer this in set. Cutting is not necessary, since we only have to lay it down.

  • Basket Weave. The alternate vertical-horizontal pairs result in vintage-looking driveways. It is easy to install, yet create a very interesting finish.

  • Herringbone. This also alternates pavers, but not in pairs. Instead, it creates a V-shape design since the pieces are laid at an angle. The finish provides a distinctive visual effect and also makes a very durable surface.

  • Circular. This pattern needs a large area. It’s challenging to create, especially that it’s often combined with other patterns. Expect the addition of a circular pattern to enhance the aesthetics of a driveway.

Your driveway must be designed based on your needs and personal preferences. We’ll be here to help you decide on what to take. Our designers can also come up with unique designs for driveways, whether they are small or large ones.

Capturing the Theme

At Miller Landscape, we can work with any theme because we have all the materials needed to create whatever it is. Our hardscape designers can create a natural, antique, and classic theme for your driveway. Actually, the paver theme for your driveway is only limited by your imagination. Talk with us and see the wider possibility.

Why Miller Landscape?

Please see our Portfolio of Services, and explore some of our past projects. It’s possible for Miller Landscape to create such masterpieces because we’ve been providing high-quality landscape services in Georgia since 1981. We are confident enough to join contests and proud to earn prestigious awards. The company has been featured on HGTV as well.

Since our focus is total customer satisfaction, we ensure that we have top-notch products and quality services. We are partners with Oldcastle, Belgard, and more reputable material providers. We have certifications from Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, Masonry Institute of America, and other related associations.

We hate to brag about ourselves, so don’t take our words for it. Listen to what our clients have to say. We can provide references upon request or check out our ratings on Kudzu. With us, you get an all-in solution for driveways - that’s from designing to installation to maintenance. Contact us for further details.