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Outdoor Living, Woodstock GA

We've had a huge increase in demand for "Outdoor Living" the past 3-5 years. People are no longer looking to just make their yards "pretty"...they want to spend TIME outdoors entertaining their family and friends. With the availability of new advanced technology - speakers, weatherproof tvs, lights, automatic screens, high-tech grills, camera systems, etc. clients are bringing their indoors OUTDOORS and even have those features programmed by the touch of a button on their Iphones. We've brought some incredible talent in on our design team to help us meet this demand... let us know if you are interested in creating an outdoor living space at YOUR home.

January 30th, 2013

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Check out some of our newest designs. The 3D looks incredibly close, if not exactly like what will be installed at your home.

January 29th, 2013 - Spring Planting

January 29th

When should you start planning for your spring planting? RIGHT NOW! Consider the lead time to acquire estimates and/or a design, how long the revision process could take, and being able to plan for your budget. All of these factors can add a couple of weeks to the time frame, and if you wait until the weather is warmer, it may be too late to get started. From February to May, any reputable landscape company worth using is going to be booked out a few weeks for a consult, and will take a few days to properly quote and design a project, and even then...the installation schedule may be booked several weeks as well. Give yourself plenty of time to make an informed decision. BEAT THE RUSH and start planning for spring installations in February!!!

January 25th, 2013

We often recieve calls from prospective clients wanting to address the drainage issues in their yard. Sometimes the fix is as easy as a french drain and some pipe, but other times, adding some hardscape elements such as retaining walls and patio space are needed. Terracing a shady hillside can also be a great fix if you've had trouble growing grass because it stays to wet.

We recently completed a project for some clients in Alpharetta that involved terracing, installing pavers, utilizing rain barrels, building block walls. Take a look at some of the before and after photos:

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