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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools, Woodstock, GA A beautifully designed swimming pool extends your home's living space into the outdoors while providing a centerpiece for entertainment. Miller Landscape specializes in creating customized swimming pools that align with both families’ desires and properties’ unique needs.

With decades of experience enhancing backyards across the region, Miller Landscape experts in Woodstock, GA, guide you through each project phase - from initial consultations to final installations of luxurious, resort-style pools that facilitate fun and relaxation for years to come.

Thorough Swimming Pool Planning

Every pool project begins with in-depth consultations at your home, where we evaluate the current landscape, discuss needs and priorities for pool usage, and assess practical considerations. The key factors we examine include:
  • Yard space and placement with proper setbacks
  • Family size and swimmer skill levels
  • Planned activities from exercise to parties
  • Accessibility needs and safety measures
  • Local regulations and permit requirements
  • Preferences for pool styles - formality, freeform, infinity edge, etc
  • Material and finish options - concrete, fiberglass, vinyl, stone, etc
Once we comprehensively understand your vision and home environment, our design team creates tailored concepts featuring fully dimensioned plans, 3D renderings, and material specifications. This collaborative planning process culminates in a supremely functional and visually stunning pool catered expressly for you.

Expert Swimming Pool Installations

Leveraging generations of trade expertise, Miller Landscape handles building your customized swimming pool from excavation completion. Skilled crews first prepare the site - surveying, soil testing, grading, installing utilities, and drainage. Pool structure materials (concrete, fiberglass, vinyl) are integrated per engineering plans, with surfaces finished and sealed. Necessary equipment like pumps, filters, heaters, LED lighting, chlorinators, and automation systems are connected by certified technicians. Safety additions include code-compliant barriers, gates, sensors, pool covers, and signage.

Throughout construction, our project managers closely oversee workmanship, adhere to local inspections, and update clients on progress. The final revelation is a dazzling new aquatic playground ready for cannonballs, laps, pool parties, and sunny relaxation matched perfectly to your backyard paradise dreams.

Range of Swimming Pool Options

Miller Landscape offers exclusive partnerships with top brands and the talent to construct virtually any pool type to accentuate your landscape.

  • Gunite Concrete Pools - The ultimate in customization, concrete allows for any freeform shape and size configuration plus spectacular finishes like Pebble Tec. As a durable and energy-efficient choice, concrete enables endless design flexibility - from elegant vanishing edges to rocky grottos and slides.

  • Vinyl Liner Pools - As the most cost-effective pool option, vinyl liner models feature sleek designs and soft color palettes unachievable with other materials. Liners are also easily replaceable. Modern vinyl compositions provide longevity against weathering and chemicals compared to older vinyl versions, retaining beauty for a decade or longer.

  • Fiberglass Pools – These pools offer a contemporary feel, quicker installations, and resilient low maintenance qualities. While shape options are limited to manufacturer molds, color, and tile upgrades allow for ample aesthetic personalization. Fiberglass makes upkeep easy as a long-lasting structure needs fewer chemicals than concrete.

To get started designing your perfect outdoor retreat, Contact Us today or call Miller Landscape at 770-591-5234. Share your vision, lifestyle needs, and property goals with our team, and we will create a tailored swimming pool plan unique to you and your home now so your family can embrace the backyard lifestyle you’ve always longed for. You can also schedule a consultation by filling in the required details in this form.